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Culinary Crystals (Original)

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Culinary Crystals™ are like the popping candy you grew up with, but with a twist. They’ve been specially designed for use in gourmet cuisine. And many of the world’s top chefs are using these carbonated crystals to create fun and memorable experiences for their guests.

Culinary Crystals™ come unflavored. Using our exclusive Savor System, you can transform them into any flavor that you like for perfect pairing with your culinary creations.

Everyone loves surprises. And your dinner guests will definitely be surprised when these little bursts of flavor explode on their tongues and transport them back to childhood.

In addition to Original, Culinary Crystals™ are available in Coated and Sugar Free varieties.

This product is certified Kosher Dairy by the Orthodox Union

$15.00 Home - 200g

$60.00 1KG