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Instagel® (Cold Set Gelatin)

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There are applications where the heating stage required to dissolve traditional gelatin complicates the processing or preparation of a recipe. And in some cases, a heating stage will actually negatively impact the desired result.

Instagel®, cold soluble gelatin, solves this problem. It has exactly the same textural properties as traditional gelatin, which means that the unique melt-in-the-mouth effect, texture and mouth-feel remain unsurpassed.

Cold soluble gelatin will start dissolving as soon as it comes into contact with a cold liquid (water, milk, fruit juice, etc.). And because there is no heat involved in the preparation, it will immediately impact the viscosity, thickening or air entrapment of the preparation. Because of this, the finished product may be consumed much sooner than would be the case with traditional gelatin, which requires a longer cooling period.

Instagel® is a quick and convenient alternative to traditional gelatin that saves time, labor and equipment. It is especially well suited for dessert preparations and the perfect ingredient for modernist cocktails.


4g Instagel® dissolved in 6 times its weight of water = 1 soaked gelatin sheet or about 2g of dry powder gelatin that has been soaked.

$9.00 Home - 50g

$38.00 Professional - 400g