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Iota Carrageenan

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A natural hydrocolloid, carrageenan is a natural extract from specific red seaweed species that are farmed and processed. It is used as a suspending and emulsifying stablizer, thickener, binder and gelling agent. This iota type is standardized with sucrose. It is cold soluble and gellified at 80 degrees Celcius. Stirring will not cause any gelling formation. However, when the gel is broken, allowing it to rest will restructure the gel. It is usually used in water applications where a weak cohesive and elastic gel is required. Soluble in hot water medium at 140 F. Strongly gels in the presence of calcium ions. Stability in freeze/thaw process.

This product is equivalent to Texturas Iota

Modern food scientists have derived three types of carrageenan: Iota, Kappa, and Lambda. Each of these types have different properties, such as how firmly (or weather) it sets to a gel, its freeze-thaw stability, and its syneresis activity.

For more resources on carrageenan see "The Uses of Carrageenan" in volume 4 of Modernist Cuisine, page 128.

This product is certified Kosher (Pareve) by the Orthodox Union



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