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KelcoGel® LT100 - High Acyl Gellan Gum

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KelcoGel® gellan gum is a hydrocolloid from the microorganism Sphingomonas elodea. It is a water-soluble polysaccharide produced through fermentation. This gelling agent can be used alone or in combination with other products to produce a wide variety of interesting textures. Extremely effective at low use levels in forming gels

KelcoGel® LT100 is fine mesh, high acyl gellan, which forms soft, elastic, non-brittle gels. It's soluble in hot water and has a set temperature of 70º - 80ºC (158º - 176ºF). It is thermo-reversible and will remelt after setting if heat is reapplied. KelcoGel® can also be used when making cold gels. It results in creating a firm and stable gel.

This product is certified Kosher (Pareve) by the Orthodox Union

$13.00 Home - 50g

$60.00 Professional - 400g