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Perfect Caviar Maker

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This ergonomic caviar maker is the perfect spherification tool. Designed specifically for creating Modernist caviar, it has several advantages over using disposable plastic syringes or pipettes. It is built to last of stainless steel and durable food grade polycarbonate. It also includes replacement o-rings to ensure a tight vacuum seal over time to prevent unwanted drips associated with cheaper syringes. The stainless steel tip ensures that each sphere is a uniform size. A removable stainless steel collar also allows you to use it with the Rapid Caviar Maker or to make Modernist spaghetti, eliminating the need for several different syringes. The ergonomic handle ensures your comfort, especially when making large quantities of caviar. Finally, the whole unit disassembles for easy cleaning.

This is a must have item for anyone who is serious about mastering the technique for creating flavorful liquid spheres.