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Perfected Sodium Alginate™

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Our Perfected™ Sodium Alginate is an exclusive formulation, designed to eliminate the shortcomings of traditional generic sodium alginate, particularly when used for spherification. It is superior in several ways because it is pre-hydrated, which means that it mixes more quickly and easily while eliminating lumps and gum balls. It also handles with virtually no dust.

Use Perfected™ Sodium Alginate as a one-to-one replacement for sodium alginate in any recipe.

Sodium Alginate (E401) is extracted from brown seaweed. It is used as a stabilizer for ice cream, yogurt, cream, and cheese. It acts as a thickener and emulsifier for salad, pudding, jam, tomato juice, and canned products. It is a hydration agent for noodles, bread, cool and frozen products. In the presence of calcium and acid mediums, it forms resilient gels. It is a cold gelling agent that needs no heat to gel. It is most commonly used with calcium lactate or calcium chloride in the spherification process.

This product is certified Kosher (Pareve) by the Orthodox Union


$10.00 Home - 50g

$35.00 Professional - 400g