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Rapid Caviar Maker Kit

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Rapid Caviar Kit Contents:

Create spherified "caviar" in no time at all. This handy tool saves tons of time and effort by dispensing 96 droplets of spherification liquid at a time. Includes a complete recipe for direct spherification and troubleshooting tips.

You will have enough ingredients to make 17 cups of spherified liquids.

**Note: Sodium alginate will only gel in a pH range of 4 – 10. Many store bought juices and foods have a pH below this level because citric or ascorbic acid has been added to extend shelf life. If your spheres fail to form properly using a commercial product, this may be the problem. You can raise the pH of the product using Sodium Citrate or better yet puree/juice your own fruits and vegetables to spherify. You can test the pH of your liquid using one of our pH meters.