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Reverse Spherification Kit

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Reverse Spherification Kit Contents:

This Reverse Spherification Kit contains everything that you need to get started making modernist ravioli or large spheres. It is the simplest spherification technique, perfect for beginners. The kit includes ingredients and tools necessary for reverse spherification and frozen reverse spherification as well as troubleshooting tips.

It contains enough ingredients to make 8 cups of spherified liquids.

**Note: Sodium alginate will only gel in a pH range of 4 – 10. Many store bought juices and foods have a pH below this level because citric or ascorbic acid has been added to extend shelf life. If your spheres fail to form properly using a commercial product, this may be the problem. You can raise the pH of the product using Sodium Citrate or better yet puree/juice your own fruits and vegetables to spherify. You can test the pH of your liquid using one of our pH meters.