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Sodium Alginate

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Sodium Alginate (E401) is extracted from brown seaweed. It is used as a stabilizer for ice cream, yogurt, cream, and cheese. It acts as a thickener and emulsifier for salad, pudding, jam, tomato juice, and canned products. It is a hydration agent for noodles, bread, cool and frozen products. In the presence of calcium and acid mediums, it forms resilient gels. It is a cold gelling agent that needs no heat to gel. It is most commonly used with calcium lactate or calcium chloride in the spherification process. It also can be used as a foam stabilizer by increasing stability for calcium-rich liquids.

This product is equivalent to Texturas Algin

For more information on Sodium Alginate see "The Surprising Uses of Alginate" in volume 4 of Modernist Cuisine, page 127.

This product is certified Kosher (Pareve) by the Orthodox Union

$8.00 Home - 50g

$25.00 Professional - 400g