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Sphere Magic®

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Our Sphere Magic™ Powder is an exclusive formulation, designed to save you time, energy and hassle when spherifying liquids. Unlike traditional sodium alginate, Sphere Magic™ disperses and dissolves instantly with just a hand whisk (no stick blender required). What's more with Sphere Magic™ there is no danger of powder lumps or air bubbles in the spherifying liquid. And it hydrates immediately so you don't have no wait to make your caviar.

In short, Sphere Magic™ is the perfect replacement for sodium alginate whether you are doing direct or reverse spherification. Simply mix 1g of Sphere Magic™ per 100ml of liquid and you will be making perfect "caviar" or "ravioli" in an instant.

Sphere Magic™ works with Calcium Chloride for direct spherification and either Calcium Lactate or Calcium Lactate Gluconate for reverse spherification.

$6.00 Home - 25g

$30.00 Professional - 200g